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Our Philosophy

c1e5eb5f-20d0-48f6-b41c-58c08139132bWe understand team team’s need :


  • To learn the importance of IGRT in modern radiotherapy treatments.
  • To acquire a working method for image registration in clinical practice, contouring of target volumes and OAR, and for delivery of stereotactic treatments.
  • To become active partners of the IMRT-IGRT process in yout department.









Our method, your needs

We provide :

  • On-site training of your entire staff, within your facility.
    No more travel expenses and congress fees, only to have 1 or 2 people bring «some» information back to the team…
  • A 1 or 2-days efficient course by medical experts,
    providing clear guidelines and immediate clinical applicability.
  • All course material, including an image registration handbook
    for any IGRT situation and all anatomical locations.




Modular program


Theory :

Basic principles in IMRT and IGRT
Target volumes / organs-at-risk physiology
Specific issues by anatomical location
Motion management for radiotherapy
Implementation of anatomical and functional imaging


Tutorials :

Two participants per Workstation
Immediate application to clinical cases
Real-time & individual correction by the expert


Teaching modules may be combined to meet your specific needs.